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Southern California is where dreams come true, and it always begins with professional script printing Los Angeles by Printing Fly. For aspiring screenwriters who are anxious to get their latest screenplay into the hands of Hollywood producers, directors, agents, and studio heads, our team of talented printing specialists can help. At Printing Fly, we only use the latest printing technologies, inks, and paper stocks to duplicate multiple versions of your Oscar-worthy screenplay for a professional presentation that will truly impress.

Professional Script Printing Los Angeles!

If you want your movie script to attract the attention of Hollywood movers and shakers, you need the final copy to truly stand out from the thousands of others that so often go completely unnoticed. Just email us your digital copy of the script, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll select high-quality paper before printing with the most advanced processes and equipment. In fact, the team from Printing Fly will even professionally bind each script or screenplay before mailing you as many hardcopies as you like.

Printing Fly Saves you Time, Money, and Frustration!

Hollywood producers and studio heads know an amateur print job when they see one. After spending so many days or even weeks writing the perfect screenplay, do you really want to turn around and print the document with some cheap, home printer using toner cartridges and regular typing paper? Don’t you want the finished copy to look as terrific as it reads?

Of course, you could simply walk the screenplay down to the local printer. But who has the time to search for a parking space and wait around in the store lobby for several hours just to get your copies? Give yourself a break. Give Printing Fly the digital file, and let us do the rest! Once your script is printed, we can FedEx the professionally printed and bound copies of your movie scripts and screenplays anywhere you need them to go. For professional script printing Los Angeles of the highest quality, contact Printing Fly today!

Script Printing Los Angeles

For all of your Script Printing Los Angeles needs, please contact Printing Fly (310) 287-9982. We offer same day printing and are happy to take your call.

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